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Network Solutions

Our network team can design and install all types of networking including WAN, LAN, wireless and structured cable networks. We also offer Remote User VPN Solutions.

Fiber Optic Solutions

We specialize in expert fiber optic network installations. Transforming data delivery with the speed of light, we bring homes and businesses unparalleled internet performance, crystal-clear communications, and the foundation for future technology."

CCTV & Security Solutions

We specialize in professional CCTV installations for residential, commercial, and public spaces. Our team of experts assesses your surveillance requirements, designs a customized system, and installs high-quality cameras strategically for maximum coverage.

Web & Email Hosting

We offer reliable and lightning-fast website hosting services. Our state-of-the-art servers ensure your website is always online, delivering exceptional speed and performance. With top-notch security, 24/7 customer support, and flexible hosting plans, we're your trusted partner for hosting your online presence.

VPS Hosting

Harness the power of your own virtual private server. Our VPS hosting solutions provide you with dedicated resources, ultimate control, and unmatched performance. Scale your online projects seamlessly, enjoy robust security, and experience the freedom to customize your hosting environment.

Cloud Backup

Protect your valuable data with our secure and automated cloud backup solution. Safeguard your files, documents, and critical information from data loss, disasters, and accidents. With seamless backup and recovery options, your data is always accessible, no matter what. Ensure peace of mind and data resilience with our Cloud Backup Solution.

POS Software

We specialize in Retail, Restaurant & hospitality POS Systems! With over 5 years experience in the industry we sure have the knowledge and experience to assist in your needs as a business to run efficiently.

Fleet Management

Our GPS Fleet Tracking service provides real-time monitoring and management of your fleet of vehicles. Using advanced GPS technology and software, we track and analyze the location, speed, and behavior of each vehicle in your fleet. This enables you to increase operational efficiency, improve driver safety, and reduce costs

Hardware & Software Sales

Can't find what your looking for? Let us source it for you. We have access to a very large supplier network and thus we offer excellent pre- and post sales support.

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What Makes us Different?

Delivering an outcome which is process-driven and strategic is our focus. At PEKTECH we care about understanding the specific needs of your organization and translating these needs into action plans to support and develop your business. We pride ourselves on being able to assist with almost all IT-related issues and products, even if we have to get help from 3rd party providers or services, to make us your single point of contact to handle your business IT needs.

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